New Zealand Adopts a Cloud-Based Identity Solution for its 4.9 Million Residents

New Zealand adopts cloud based identity

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New Zealand is moving towards a cloud-based digital identity solution to provide its 4.9 million residents with a secure and convenient way to access government services. The new solution aims to improve online security, authentication, and user privacy for residents.


Benefits of the Cloud-Based Identity Solution

Here are some of the benefits of the cloud-based identity solution in New Zealand:

  1. Improved Online Security: The solution aims to provide citizens with a more secure and convenient way to access digital services.
  2. User Privacy: The platform prioritizes privacy, enabling citizens to have better control over their personal data and its usage.
  3. Enhanced Authentication: The solution offers enhanced authentication features, making it more difficult for fraudsters to access user accounts.
  4. Convenience: Citizens will be able to access a range of digital services with ease, from anywhere and at any time.


How the Cloud-Based Identity Solution Works

The solution uses a federated identity model, where users can access services from different government agencies using a single login. The platform uses a range of technologies, including biometrics and two-factor authentication, to ensure secure access to services.



The adoption of a cloud-based identity solution in New Zealand is a positive step towards providing citizens access to government services online. This solution offers a range of benefits, including improved online security, user privacy, enhanced authentication, and convenience. If you’re looking to improve the online security and authentication of your business, contact UniverseIT today and take the first step to implement a secure and user-centric digital identity solution for your business.

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