About Universe IT

UniverseIT is a Houston, Texas – based IT firm specializing in education technology and data analytics. Founded in Summer 2017 as Lonestar CIO by 19-year Microsoft veteran, Joe Eldridge, Lonestar CIO served as a way for Joe to continue his storied legacy of providing exceptional CIO and CTO services to clients all over the world. One such client’s need for a student management system is when UniverseIT first began to take shape. The software selection process eventually led to Lonestar CIO partnering with the makers of the chosen software, Classe365, an EdTech company headquartered in Sydney, Australia and becoming their premier US partner. With this new partnership in place, Joe shifted focus to EdTech. After partnering with one of his former colleagues, analytics expert Erica Blair Weldon, Lonestar CIO was renamed to the more encompassing, UniverseIT. Our mission is simple: To take your organization beyond the cloud – enabling you for universal success.