Business Data Analytics Beyond the Cloud

Modern business collect a lot of data and very few of them put that data to work for them. Our Analytics division is tasked with taking you and your data beyond the cloud so that you can make actionable decisions on data you have absolute confidence in.

Our Data Analytics Platforms

For your data analytics needs we offer three robust and powerful platforms with a variety of strengths so that we always have the tools to meet your needs. Our analytics experts are able to help you determine which solution will work best for your organization and will work with you to create an implementation plan to get your data beyond the cloud.


Solver is a powerful and robust reporting and data warehousing tool with the unique draw of being able to store your budgets and other scenarios for comparison. With their recent cloud platform launch, Solver has never been a better platform for your analytics.

From on-premises to cloud applications, microservices to APIs and connected devices, the TIBCO spectrum of integration covers all use cases.

Power BI is unique in its class as a graphically skewed analytics system. Useful for generating complex data models with charts and graphs and sharing that information across your organization or on your website or portal. In addition, you likely already own it!

Unsure which platform is right for you?


We don’t just offer the above platforms. Here at UIT, we are fully versed in the Microsoft SQL platform and can help you with your SSRS reports, SSIS data integration packages, and much more!

We’ve even partnered up with Scribe to allow us to provide you quality data integration services with the strongest tool on the market.

Get started on a path to success today!