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Tired of trying to piece together your School Management Software with various modules from different providers? Sure each one of them was suppose to work perfectly with the other. But years and many headaches later you find yourself still struggling to make it all work. We’ve seen it too often which is why we partnered with Classe365.

Classe365 is a complete School Management & Student Information System that puts you in control, not your software vendors. Classe365 offers modules that were developed to simplify the communication between the various departments within your Academic Infrastructure. Eliminate those clunky data export routines used between your current Academic Departments and take a look at Classe365.

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UniverseIT has partnered with Classe365 to provide a world class SIS, LMS, CRM, and more to educational instutitions all across North America.

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Get the full line of Microsoft Best of class-apps for your educational institution. Everything from Excel to Outlook in the Cloud. From anywhere on any device, the Microsoft 365 Suite is the perfect choice for Educational Institutions of all sizes. 

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