What are your top #cloudmigration concerns? With @MSFTDynamics365, the journey is less complex and less costly. And you can’t beat the jump in productivity! Follow us to discover how UniverseIT can ease the transition.

Privacy and security are top concerns for many businesses considering cloud migration. What are yours? Follow us to discover how the Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts at UniverseIT can help you plan a migration with less costs, less complexity and more access to cutting-edge technology. Now that’s worth 👏!


Where is your business on your #cloudmigration journey with @MSFTDynamics365? What challenges might you encounter? Wherever you are, UniverseIT can help you make a smooth transition. Check regularly for updates.

Making the decision to migrate on-prem solutions to the cloud is a big decision. Where does Microsoft Dynamics 365 fit in with your plans? As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer, you can get access to cutting edge technology and solutions enabling you to control costs, improve overall IT productivity with less complexity. Wherever you are on the journey, UniverseIT has the Dynamics 365 and cloud migration expertise to help you stay the course.


What does #hybridwork look like for your business? How do you enable employees working at home, the office and elsewhere? Retweet to get the conversation going. Follow UniverseIT for updates on how we enable hybrid work.

Hybrid work is here to stay. What does it look like for your business? How do you support employees working from home, the office and everywhere in between? Share your tips and follow us for updates on how UniverseIT’s helps customers enable hybrid work.

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Reduce the Load on Frontline Workers with the Right Management Technology

58% of frontline workers believe work stress will stay the same or worsen, reports the @Microsoft Work Trend Index Pulse research. How’s the morale of your frontline workers? Read the blog to gain insight on frontline workers’ struggles and the role Microsoft’s Zero Trust security plays in extending security to devices on the frontline. When you’re done, reach out to a @Microsoft Security expert from UniverseIT for a free consultation.

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