How can UniverseIT help your business develop business resiliency and agility? Reply to discuss your ideas with one of our @MicrosoftDynamics365 experts. #MSDyn365

Do you truly know your customers, their preferences and interactions? Is what you’re communicating to them relevant and personal? While you mull🤔 over those questions, here’s one more: How can UniverseIT help your business develop resiliency and agility? Contact us to discuss your ideas with one of our @Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts.

Microsoft Azure Expands its Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Reach

Microsoft Azure offers many tools for managing virtual machines and containers across clouds and in data centers with one platform. What makes them so compelling? This blog highlights hybrid cloud infrastructure challenges and how Azure tools address them. What hybrid cloud challenges concern your company? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments to get the conversation going.


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Your care for your customers is mandatory; their care for you is optional. Interested in learning more about @Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how it can support your business and make customer care a two-way street? Schedule a complimentary demo for a walkthrough and discuss how UniverseIT can get you started.


Mondelez International Use Case

What’s the best way to replace an aging IT infrastructure?

Read this use case to see how Microsoft Azure helps Mondelez International maximize agility, flexibility and scalability. Comment to tell us how UniverseIT can help your business modernize with a cloud infrastructure.

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